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Located at TorahSpot, 374 Ridgewood Avenue, Oorah Staten Island is the center for the Jewish community, offering educational and recreational programs, all completely free. Come on over!


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Our Staff

Rabbi Chaim Mintz
Founder and Director of Oorah

Rabbi Chaim Mintz is behind it all. His vision of a close knit community became a reality as the director and spiritual leader of Oorah. After founding the organization in Staten Island, Oorah expanded with a vast range programs throughout the country.

Rabbi Mintz’s years of experience in education and community outreach (over 50 years!) as well as his dynamic personality makes him the ultimate scholar in residence. Rabbi Chaim Mintz teaches a weekly Torah class each Tuesday night, followed by an Ask the Rabbi session. His down-to-earth and practical responses allows all participants to ask any question they’d like. Rabbi Mintz is actively involved in all aspects of Oorah's programs nationwide.

Rabbi Avrohom Biderman
TorahSpot Coordinator

Rabbi Avrohom Biderman has been involved with Oorah for nearly 40 years. He has a close relationship with Rabbi Chaim Mintz and ran Oorah events and programs even before Torahspot began.

His passionate nature is brought out as the Managing Editor of ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications, a position that he's held for over two decades. He's worked on hundreds of books and authored his own book, The Mishkan, The Tabernacle, that has appeared in English and Hebrew editions.

R' Biderman enjoys writing, meeting many wonderful people from the Staten Island community, and greeting Torahspot participants. He runs the Ask the Rabbi segment Tuesday nights, sets up the audio and live-stream and asks the incoming online questions. He's also in charge of making the popcorn!

Mrs. Chaye Biderman
TorahSpot Coordinator

Mrs. Chaye Biderman is the other half of this indomitable couple. She was first introduced to Oorah through her husband and assisted with Oorah Shabbatons and running workshops for women and programs for children.

Her position in Torahspot includes making everyone feel comfortable and helping with the technicalities of the program.
As a real people person, Mrs. Biderman has been teaching Home Economics to high schoolers for over two decades, and currently teaches second grade. With her patient and caring nature as well as a strong creative side, she enjoys developing friendships with people of all ages. She is always available and there for others.

Ms. Aliza Perles
Administrative Director of Little Star

As a Staten Island native, Aliza has strong ties to the community. She’s been with Oorah since 2006 and has shown her dedication to making Torahspot the Jewish community hub that it is.

She's a former head chiller and when the school year ends, spends her summers working in TheZone, Oorah's summer camp.
Aliza's warmth and love of life, combined with her responsible and empathetic nature makes her the perfect person to fill the role of Jewish Little Star Preschool director.


Oorah Staten Island is a program of the larger Oorah organization. Oorah’s various programs and events enrich the lives of Jewish families throughout the US with meaning and values. And Staten Island is where it all began.

Oorah started with a distribution to Staten Island residents; Shabbat packages to provide residents with a Shabbat flavor, and holiday packages to enhance their holiday experiences. Oorah expanded with various other programs, such as Chillzone weekly learning sessions, TheZone summer camp and holiday retreats. Staten Island acquired Torahspot, its own building, with on-site programs and events.
When you join the Oorah Staten Island programs, you’ll join the larger Oorah family and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Other Oorah Programs

The greater Oorah family offers many opportunities and programs!
By joining Oorah Staten Island, you’ll also join the larger Oorah family with all that is has to offer, from TheZone Camp to year round events and retreats.

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Come join the Oorah Staten Island family!
Whatever your needs, whatever your stage in life,
there’s something for you at Oorah Staten Island.
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